Is your course approved by the US Trustee? is approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a credit counseling in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a Provider’s services.

Please verify that we are approved for your bankruptcy district on the US Trustee website:

How long will it take to receive my certificate after I complete the course?

Your certificate will be emailed within 1 hour of completing the phone counseling part of your course during normal business hours. After hours, your certificate will be emailed by the beginning of the next business day. Please let us know asap if you have an emergency.

If you qualify as a no-cost client, please refer to the terms listed on our website.

My spouse and I are filing jointly. Do we both need to take the course?

Yes, you will each need to register and complete the course, you will also need to complete the final counseling session individually However, there are two different ways for a couple to sign up for our course. 1. As a couple receiving joint instruction and simply taking the same course together side by side, or 2. As a couple receiving separate instruction and each taking the course on your own. In the case of option two, if you are both going to use the same computer, make sure that client 1 logs out of his/her course, and that you close your internet browser, then return to

I need my certificate sent to my attorney. How can I make sure they get a copy?

When you register, either enter your Priority Code (if your attorney gave you one), and your attorney's name and email address. We will automatically email them a copy of your certificate at the time it is issued. We do not provide certificates directly to the Court. It is the client's responsibility to confirm that your attorney received his/her the E-mailed copy of your certificate.

If I leave the course once I've started, do I lose my progress?

Your information and test progress are saved in our database for 90 days after you've registered for the course. Even if you've yet to pay for the course, the information is saved. You can take the test within these timeframes at your own pace. As you complete the course, the database will record your progress and will save your work up to the last completed lesson. You may return to your course at any time for up to a year to review the material. Please retain your login information.

Can I get an additional copy of my certificate at a later time?

We can send you additional copies of your certificate for up to 90 days after you've registered for the course. To request an additional copy of your certificate please email us at

Will you send a copy of my certificate to the court?

No, does not provide information directly to the court. It is the responsibility of the client or their attorney to present the information to the appropriate court.


What information do I need to provide to start the course?

  • Name, address, and phone number
  • Email address (where we can send your certificate)
  • Judicial district where your bankruptcy was filed
  • Priority Code (if you have been given one by your attorney) OR
  • Attorney’s name and email address (must be provided if you would like us to provide a copy of your certificate to your attorney directly).

Most of this information is required in order for your certificate to be issued. You will not be able to complete your registration unless all information is provided.

I am trying to register, but keep getting an error at the end of the registration page. How do I continue?

Close your internet browser, and then return to Click on 'My Account', and then enter your user name and password. If you have selected the Credit Card payment option, you will be instructed to pay before continuing the course. If you have trouble logging in or continuing from this point, please contact or call 1-888-988-3410.


How do I pay for the course? offers several payment options:

CREDIT CARD: If you select Credit Card, you can pay with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card.

CHECK/MONEY ORDER: You can mail a check or money order to: P.O. Box 7262, Lakeland, FL 33807.

ATTORNEY PAYMENT: Your attorney can pay on your behalf. Please provide your attorney’s name and email address in your registration along with the Priority code if provided to you.

Attorney accounts are established for your convenience and if your attorney has a payment arrangement with us we may invoice that attorney for your course fee. does not participate in discount agreements or contracts with attorneys. If your attorney has an account with, your attorney will be invoiced the same amount you would pay as a client without an attorney. All publicly disclosed fees are applicable to all students.

NO-COST CLIENT: You may qualify as a no-cost client. For further information, go to the Disclosures and Tuition Waiver Info tab from our home page.

Any discount given for is for the client's benefit only.

I am paying with a check or money order. Where do I send the payment?

Payment should be mailed to: P.O. Box 7262, Lakeland, FL 33807.

I would like to change my form of payment

Log into your account at 1StopBk.Com and click on “Edit Registration” in the menu at the top left. Select your payment preference. Scroll down and click on “save changes”. This will take you to the payment page.

How do I know if I qualify as a no-cost client?

Click on the Disclosures and Tuition Waiver Info. Tab at the top left of our website for information and requirements to qualify as a no-cost client.


How do I get back to the course once I've left?

You may log on to the course by using the ‘My Account’ option on the Home Page. You will be asked for your sign on information. This was chosen by you at the time of registration and emailed to you as well. Should you have any issues signing on, please email us at or call 1-888-988-3410.

I was logged out of the course automatically and cannot log back in. How do I continue?

Close your internet browser, then return to Click on Log In, then enter your user name and password. If you are using an AOL browser, you may need to close your browser and switch to Internet Explorer to continue the course due to AOL settings that we cannot change.

I am currently taking the course and cannot get past a certain lesson – it keeps taking me back to the Log In screen. How do I continue?

This is a timed course and if you leave a page idle for more than a few minutes, you will be logged out to the sign in screen. Just sign back in to continue the course. If you have other problems, you can try closing and reopening your browser and then go to Log in again as a returning student. Contact if you continue to have problems.

For questions, comments, or further technical assistance, contact us at 1-888-988-3410 or email

Requires credit card/upfront payment. Business hours are Mon-Th 10AM-6PM EST, Fri 10AM-4PM EST. Course is designed to take one hour as required by the US Trustee., Inc. is approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a credit counseling course in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a Provider’s services.